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Youth in the United States are living under a constant barrage of  information, ideas, temptations, philosophies without much guidance and direction.  Their identity is being hijacked by the many industries that thrive on predatory marketing to sell and promote their products, values and message and most of it, is always aligned with exploitation of values and beliefs which aimed to promote health, vitality, balance and well being.  

The result is a subsequent overload of feelings and complicated emotions that have no outlet other than a limited supply of reactionary and habitual responses.  

With technology, social media and the information superhighway, youth are being exposed to channels that are leading them to  a loss of innocence and peace as it relates to their normal sense of identity, self value, healthy curiosity, belongingness and  purpose.  

Embracing this challenge, Mpowered 4Life Academy created its visionary coaching platform to equip youth with the insight, practice, mindset and resources needed to transform their experience of pain, pressure and confusion into one of purpose, mission, opportunity and personal empowerment.

Intervention and redirection

By virtue of age, experience & circumstance, youth are presently unaware and unequipped to effectively handle and categorize the onslaught of information, misinformation and distractions provided at their fingertips.   Without constructive guidance and a road-map, many youth are finding dead-ends in a maze they don't have a road-map to. 

To their harm, these illusive and addictive trends are leading them down paths of darkness, self-doubt, self-harm, and mind control.  It's time to intervene and redirect this alarming trend by making self-education and cutting edge strategic coaching resources a norm in the lives of youth today. You hold the key to making this life-transforming opportunity a reality today. Take action now as everyday in a young person's life can be the day that makes the difference.  Their life and existence is at stake, as is the life of all those hoping America will lead the way.


With workshops and one day, multi-sensory, experiential youth coaching bootcamps, the latest, cutting-edge, strategic personal development education and performance coaching is providing the foundation and ground-work for effectively drawing out visionary leadership, social stewardship and spiritual consciousness as it relates to self identity, family, community, nation, global stewardship and humanity. 

To whom much is given, much is expected and as a world leader in democracy, opportunity, equality and justice, our youth in America are in dire need of finding their place and purpose in the 21st Century.. 

R2W will be presented on a multi-sensory, multi-approach and multi-topic platform in association with R2W Coaching Professional Partnerships.

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