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Young People DO Initiative

Love of Christ, Support of Youth endeavors, Social Service, Social Justice, family values, Young Life and entrepreneurship all wrapped into one mission - helping Gabi O raise funds to open a coffee shop and thus hire her friends with Down Syndrome.  How terrific and motivating is that?

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Private Coaching

One on one, 45-minute sessions provided on a bi-montly schedule, over a 3-month period.  Ideal for youth who are in need of direction and need guidance in their self identity, relationships, school, and life.   

Group Coaching

The dynamics and energy of group coaching allows accelerated growth through a  a peer-related group forum.  These 3-hour thematic workshops are delivered bi-monthly and are limited to 30 youth. 

Parent Coaching

With time, love and experience, we can learn to become effective parents. Embracing the type of education that can help and your child relate in a healthier, more empowering way is available to all.

Bridges of Empowerment

Peace of mind comes from taking effective action and applying CPR 'Core Psychology Resources'' to choices that matter. Create the winning combination and the bridge to empowerment with Parent and Youth CPR.

Empowerment Talks

"Without a Vision, People Perish".  Youth in America have resources for growth that are unrivaled and underused.  With technology and growth comes opportunity.  Let us show our kids their worth through their identity.


Pictures tell a thousand words.  Let the images of youth over time, place, location, ethnicity and age tell the story of their feelings, insights, camaraderie and growth.