Life Coaching for Teens, Parents & Youth Empowerment Leadership

Mpowered Focus & Philosophy

1. Reframing Self -Communication

Self Identity, Self Value, 



Driving Force,


2. Bridge Building & Rapport

Bridges to Empowerment for relationship & team building

 Peer2Peer, Teen2Parent, Educator2Educators 

"Value-based Centric"

1. History, Heritage & Diversity

"Upholding Humanity" Beliefs, Values, Ethnicity, Gender, Language, Roots, Experience, Spirituality, Mindset, Consciousness, Tribe, Purpose, Vision 

Strategic (SI) Coaching

Individual Coaching

meditation, tea with self, strategies, growth, perspective

Typically a one-on- one, (45-60 minute) session provided weekly or bi-monthly over a 3-month period.  Ideal for anyone seeking clarity, growth and fulfillment with personal identity, relationships, school, work, future, life choices and life transitions.   

Available in custom tailored or Pre-programmed Plans

Group Coaching

Youth, Retreats, Community Involvement,

The dynamics and energy of group coaching allows accelerated growth through a  a peer-related group forum.  These 3-4 hour thematic workshops include individual and team-building activities and are limited to 40 people. In-house or at CIC -Cary Innovation Center 

Available as Group Coaching and Bridging the GAP

Parent-Youth Coaching


Parenting is a learned and experiential trait. We do the best we can with the resources we have.  Effective parenting skills are not automatic reflexes.  Benefits of parent-coaching education can lead to improved communication, better rapport,  healthier and balanced relationships for all 

Available as One-on-One and custom tailored

Bridges 2 Empowerment 4 Group Communication


In what areas of life do you need more effective, more inclusive, community building and empowerment?  Where are you needing a clearer bridge  for better performance and inclusivity?  What relationships can improve and benefit while providing you with more fulfillment?  Are the challenges with yourself, your partner, your parent or child, your boss or employee?  Is is with your sense of purpose and direction?  All the answers align with effective communication first with self, then with others.  Experience the art of expression and rapport building through modalities and forms that borrow from creative performance platforms like Interplay, Improvisation, Imagination, Yoga, Meditation, Prayer and Art.  

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Incentivized & MPowered visionary 'Youth-Talks'


"Without a Vision, People Perish".  Youth in America have resources for growth that are unrivaled and underused, however a lack of perspective and a surplus of expectation and entitlement is fueling a misguided collective sense of self.  With technology and growth comes opportunity.  With freedom comes responsibility. As Americans we have an opportunity, obligation and need to reframe the mixed messages and manipulative rhetoric guiding our current culture and social fiber.  "If not us, whom?  Our youth must be encouraged and enlightened to embracing  an identity of hope, inspiration, leadership and service for all.  We must allow our strengths, imagination, and creative diversity to offer a greater sense of acceptance, equality, purpose and vision.

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Relational Strategic Intervention 4 Women


Are you where you want to be life?  Do you feel your life is in balance?  Is there a work-life-body-spirit-relationship you'd like to improve upon or focus on?  Are you looking for ways to improve your personal performance in areas of value, but somehow keep putting off?  Are there personal goals and plans you want to realize, yet you sabotage your desires at the expense of your soul?  Does a results-based, impact-filled, focus-driven, accountable coaching approach inspire you?  Strategic Intervention Coaching is a one-on-one, coach-client relationship where we address a number and types of outcomes with emphasis on self-realization, healthy life-work balance, relationships, goals, purpose and vision. 

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