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Strategic Intervention (SI) Life Coaching

Strategic life coaching provides an individual or group with the unique and safe opportunity for self expression, expansion, connection, and focus surrounding the four dimensions of the human being; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  

The discovery of blocks around these life areas is a doorway to uncovering personal conditioning, values, beliefs, limiting patterns, and a mindset that has kept you from being, having and achieving more of what you desire. With this coach-led guidance, you are now able to achieve goals and transform results through awareness, decision, action, commitment and accountability.

With an underlying benefit of helping you create a balanced integration of the mind and heart experience, SI strategies, techniques and methodologies help your life choices and life decisions become a canvas for meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and direction you can believe in, dream about, plan and achieve.

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'Bridging the GAP' Multicultural Coaching

Today, our society is overfed and severely malnourished.  Culturally, we're oversaturated with information, yet starving for wisdom and direction. If we are to grow as a people, a renewed standard for understanding, leadership, and effective communication amongst self and others must be practiced and encouraged, especially in our youth population.  We must remember the language of the soul and not just heed to the voices and perceptions of opinion and the mind.  We must speak consciousness and fact, while rooting out what is divisive, hurtful, deceitful, manipulative and limiting to the human experience.  To our youth, we must allow the freedom of possibility, communication, empathy, vision, transformation, collaboration and abundant living be their future reality not a memory of the past.

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Coaching for Hispanic & First-Generation American Youth

Reach first-generation youth and immigrants by linking their heritage, experience, and reality to their present opportunities. Learn to bridge the differences with the empowering diversity of living and thriving in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment.

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