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Rise2Win 4 Our YOUth Movement in Research Triangle Park

A Platform for Youth Empowerment


Self Identity, Spirit & 21st Century YOUth

Whether you are a believer or not, the reality is that youth need a GPS system to help them navigate the world of adolescence and all it's components; physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Without a foundation based on principles and values, their spirit is up for grabs.

Statistics foresee that by the year 2050, only 4 percent of youth will believe in Jesus Christ.  Spiritually speaking, this is an alarming growing trend where belief in self and purpose will increasingly collide with behavior, action, philosophy, values and social responsibility.  As it already is, youth face increasing challenges everyday; from their beliefs and sense of identity and purpose, to their sense of belonging, family engagement, social relevancy and community awareness.   How are they to grow into balanced productive members of society without any foundation or example of the virtues that make for a human being with a heart, soul and mind?  


As adults, we have the opportunity to intervene and redirect the direction youth are taking. With science and technology, there can be more humanity. With evolution and advance, there can be more creativity and innovation that serves the planet.  With more communication, we can have real progress and empowered education.  Today's youth need the same type of training corporations and college teams have used to empower their psychology, thinking and performance.  Youth must be exposed to the foundational life skills and psychology of personal development training, as well as spirit based leadership.  They must be exposed to the advantages and benefits of self development, experiential training and life coaching to organize their life and achieve the outcomes they seek.   

My goal as 'M'Powerment Catalyst is to reconcile the practical of personal development coaching education and strategies with the spirituality & teachings of faith in Jesus Christ.  My intention is to help youth identify with their unique and collective sense of self; -their identity, gender, value and essence as a God-endowed human being and align that vision with a sense of purpose for becoming the best version of who they can be; healthy, wholesome, empowered and in faith to do what is right and what serves rather than depletes.

My WHY is so that God may shine from the hearts and actions of those who find their purpose in light.


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Professionalism and Experience

With a Master's degree in Global Business Administration, training and experience as Life Coach through Anthony Robbins Mastery University, Business Mastery. Leadership Academy, my own life as immigrant and first generation American, and a passion and God-centered mission to serve my life's purpose helping youth, I have the insight, distinctions and strategies to help youth regain a sense of power around their identity and being.  With deep-rooted purpose, I can help youth harness their current personal challenges and environmental circumstances as opportunities for growth, visionary leadership and personal empowerment.  

Supportive Journey

The commitment to life and a healthy lifestyle is just that – a commitment to live in a space where mind, body, emotions and spirit are supported and where constructive growth is encouraged; - where the outcome is one that will nourish and shape the future of each youth encountered, while providing the foundational skill set for an empowered personal and family life.   My commitment as mentor and visionary leadership coach is to provide youth with understanding, guidance and a perspective of leadership rooted on a platform of strategic coaching resources and a God-given identity for goodness, service, contribution and purpose.


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